About Us

Immerse yourself in your local art culture. Find producers, painters, models, musicians and more on the Mad Collab app.


Do you identify as an artist? As a creator? Then Mad Collab is the app for you!


Mad Collab is created to help artists find each other locally for collaborations on projects both big and small. Interact with other artists to throw a fashion show, an art gallery, a concert, and more. The possibilities are endless with all of your local artists available at the palm of your hand.


Mad Collab includes a swipe left/ swipe right format to make viewing profiles a breeze.


We want our users to be seen for their talent. Profile pictures aren't available until two users match for a collaboration based on their previous work.


When creating a profile, users will be asked what kind of artist they identify as. This is where you define who you are locally. You will be able to post a selection of work to represent your artistic abilities.


Are you a traveling artist? Do you have any trips planned in the near future? With our premium membership you can have your profile featured in other locations. You will also have the luxury of viewing artists in any location prior to visiting to pre-plan collaborations.